Roulette Systems – Count Up System

Roulette Systems – Count Up System

I’M going to talk about a system called count up, and it’s pretty easy. What you do you start on 0 and add a chip to every number till you get to about number 10. So in this system you want the low to turn up to actually win and let’s have a little test and with this system, you’ve got to have a pretty high bankroll and you don’t use the system over and over. So let’s have a look, so we start on 0.

We add a chip to every number until we get up to 7 because then you’re not making profit once you get past 6 because you’re betting in casino more than 35, all up so up to 6. Now that’s the last that we have with one unit. Then we add another unit when we get to 7, so we’re on 7 now 2 units on each ok. No luck! Add.

8. 9. We add another unit so 3, now on each so as you can see, we want the low numbers to come up and they have not yet okay, so we won that one. We won 16 units, so we start the system again. So, as you can see there, if we get 0, we will win any time.

Zero comes up. I guess that’s the only advantage of the system but, like I said you need quite a high bankroll and there’s that risk of losing. Of course, we’ve got the 0 there, so we are another what’s at 16, so another 19 to our tally.

I just got to keep going over and over which I don’t suggest you do just to show that where the end of the system would be hopefully we’ll get there, hopefully we don’t win. So I can show you where we won that one we’re up to 52 because we started at 10,000. So it’s fairly easy. You can inter ply it with other systems, not one of my favorites, because if it low number doesn’t come obviously, then you don’t win there.

We go one again by just another roulette system I found. Eventually, you will lose and you could lose quite a bit because when you put it on the 10 it actually, you have bet quite a few units there. So actually one that we’re up to 94 units. Let’S see give it another few goes if I can lose to 94 may not happen, so I won’t drag the video out, but here we go 6 last units, nothing there. So two units went around seven and we won again. So I’m not going to draw it out, but as you can see there, that was quite successful in that run, but so we were doing one units.

People will keep adding a unit on up till six if we lose this one after. What’S that one? So, seventh, after the seventh one, you lose that that that bet on the seventh, when we add the number seven we add another unit on ok. So it would do that if we lost again we’d add another two units to wait. If we lost again we’d add three units now to each when we get to the nine, so as you can see, there we’re betting quite a few betting 30.

Now, if we lost this one, the last bet would be four units on each on the ten and we’d. Stop there, because you’re just getting too much into debt, and I think you win about eight. You only went about eight. If you win this one, so the risk is quite high for very few, so you’re betting forty-four there. So the return the returns. Obviously, if you look eight eight divided by 44, it’s still a return of 18 %.

If you win, but you’ve got to have a low number, so that’s the system and see how you go with that one, but don’t play this one over and over again it can. It can give quite a quite a high profit but yeah it can lose.

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