Famous Gambling Books

Famous Gambling Books

Gambling Online (Paperback) – Angus Dunnington (2005) D & B Publishing. 140 pages. ISBN: 1904468136

Certainly a valuable addition (if not a must-have) to any ‘online gambling’ library, Dunnington’s book explores and comments upon the vast changes that have occurred in the industry over the past few years. Full of advice for beginners to pros, this text is definitely useful for anyone who spends the majority of their time gambling online as opposed to its live counterpart.

Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions (Paperback)- Ben Mezrich. (2003) Free Press. 272 pages. ISBN: 0743249992

As the title indicates, this book tracks the history of a group of young students who, through a well-devised plan, were able to ‘beat the house’. Not at all a guide or manual explaining gambling techniques, this book nonetheless is included on our list simply for its entertainment value. Mezrich’s nonfiction piece would be enjoyable reading for anyone and certainly for those already a bit familiar with casinos, Vegas, and gambling in general.

The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook (Paperback) – Robert R. Perkinson. (2003) SAGE Publications. 120 pages. ISBN: 0761928677

As we are all aware, experiences with gambling and casinos are not always enjoyable and gambling addiction is a serious and potentially devastating problem for many. This book (and the one that follows) have been included because they offer useful information and help for not only those people suffering from such an addiction, but also for anyone who enjoys gambling and would like to be made aware of the risks. Dr. Perkinson’s book offers just that through a 12-step procedure presented in a workbook format aimed at providing a reliable and tested treatment program for those who may be afflicted.

This Must Be Hell: A Look at Pathological Gambling (Paperback) – Hale Humphrey. (2000) Writer’s Club Press. 116 pages. ISBN: 059513498X

Similar to Perkinson’s book in terms of dealing with gambling addition, Humphrey’s text focuses less on treatments specifically but rather on the “Hell” encountered by many who suffer from such a problem. This book provides case studies of individuals with lives that have been adversely affected by their addiction and the text explores and identifies signs and ways how to seek and receive help. Read in combination with Dr. Perkinson’s text, these two books offer, at the very least, a solid introduction to the threat of seriousness of gambling addiction as well as effective solutions and/or guidance in dealing with the problem.

Gambling Wizards: Conversations with the World’s Greatest Gamblers (Paperback) – Richard W. Munchkin. (2002) Huntington Press. 306 pages. ISBN: 0929712056

This book gives the reader a look into the minds of some of the world’s most successful gamblers. Full of stories and insights straight from the mouths of the people who’ve experienced it, Muchnkin’s text is an enjoyable read for anyone seeking to make it big or fascinated by those who have. While there’s not much material regarding techniques or anything like that, the book nonetheless provides entertaining anecdotes and a great look inside at some extremely large bets and big events.

109 Ways to Beat the Casinos: Short, Specfic Tips That Make You a Winner from the Nation’s Best Casino Gambling Writers (Paperback) – Walter Thomason et al. (2000) Bonus Books. 200 pages. ISBN: 1566251443

Thomason and his group of 5 other casino experts have combined to write a clearly-worded, easy-to-understand book aimed at providing you with the ‘edge’ you need to eliminate much of the advantage the casino has on you the player. Full of tips and specific strategies for a multitude of games and activities, this book is perfect for beginners and even includes a few ideas that seasoned players might not be aware of. Definitely worth checking out.

Insider’s Guide To Internet Gambling: Your Sourcebook For Safe And Profitable Gambling (Paperback) – John G. Brokopp. (2001) Bonus Books. 160 pages. ISBN: 1566251613

Although much has changed in the industry since 2001, this book nevertheless is a worthwhile contribution to the literature and offers advice and techniques, which still apply today, for ensuring a safe and enjoyable internet gambling experience. While it might not be the best book to buy if you’re only looking to purchase ONE book concerning online casino activity, it remains a useful and informative read.

Online Poker: Your Guide to Playing Online Poker Safely & Winning Money (Paperback) – Doyle Brunson. (2005) Cardoza. 192 pages. ISBN: 1580421326

A book from a 2-time World Series of Poker champion, the information here applies only to online poker. However, if this is your game of choice or the primary reason you visit online casinos, this book offers a recent, thorough, and extremely helpful analysis and description of the game as it’s played in its online variety. An excellent book for beginners and pros alike.

Moneymaker : How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker (Hardcover) – Chris Moneymaker. (2005) HarperEntertainment. 200 pages. ISBN: 006076001X

The last book on our list might be one of the best. Representing a combination of entertainment and advice, this autobiographical account of Chris Moneymaker’s historic victory in the 2003 WSOP would provide enjoyable reading for any individual and should serve as an inspiring story for all aspiring poker players or entrants into the online casino scene. Highly recommended and worthwhile not only for its intriguing story but also for the lessons inherent in the account.

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