Choosing a Casino Rules

Choosing a Casino Rules

The first decision your have to take is where you are going to play? You must have visited many casino sites by now and you must have been almost carried away with the attractive banner with promises of good bonus amount, but had you ever realized that they can be fake. Can you trust them with your hard earned money??

To solve this riddle you should use a systematic approach.

It is not wise to give your credit card number to the first casino you find.

Once your complete the list and examine the casinos under these microscopes you will find there are many reliable free spins no deposit nz casinos where you can play.

But where to play? It depends on your personal “likes and dislikes”. And many casinos use them, targeting they marketing efforts at personal player’s needs.

So, all you need is to look around and find a gambling site that offers what you are looking for.
If you have a web-TV then also you need not to worry. There are many casino which offer no download gaming experience and free spins no deposit nz.

Casino Promotions

The basic reason you will be attracted toward a specific casino is the amount of promotion they are providing. These promotions are in the form of bonuses. Your need to check out the following aspect for this purpose.

  • What is the maximum bonus amount?
  • What must be deposited to receive it?
  • What the terms for this bonus?
  • What other Promotions casino offer?

Software Types

Almost all the casinos use the licensed version of these software. They are the standard software need to be installed for playing games.

  • PlayTech
  • Cryptologic
  • MicroGaming
  • Odds On

To avoid potential problems we recommend you to use well known software and stay away from the smaller software used by lesser known and smaller casinos.

Casino Games to be played

Most of the casinos provide you with lot’s of crazy games and free spins no deposit nz. From the conventional ones like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker and Slots to some exotic inventions or enjoy some special rules like progressive roulette that available at some Microgaming casinos..

Find the casino that offer the kind of game you want to play.

Types of Online Casinos

An online casino is a website where you can play casino games for real money. But if you visit the actual place then you will not fine people sitting and playing poker or roulette machine rotated by dealer.
In an online casino you can find some software which can be downloaded and played. They are very powerful and they has to be played in an online environment. Many smaller site provide there own version of software but they are in a minority. Majority of casino provide these well known software’s.

One should make sure that the online casino uses a software procured from well established and famous software provider. The online casino dose not have any control over the game play, the outcome of the game is decided by a random number generated by the software which is totally controlled by the software vendor that licensee casino uses.

Different software vendors use different methods, but all them are based on the Random Number Generator.

The typical version of software from the provider is customized for each casino but only at a cosmetic level. The gaming engine is the same and frequently, the games that casinos offer are the same.

Basically, online casinos software are of two kinds.

No download casinos

  • No-download casinos. Some of them use Flash or Shockwave, which runs in your browser and may require the Flash (or Shockwave) plug-ins available from Macromedia.
  • Other free spins no deposit nz casinos are Java-based, which applets also run through your browser. Some of these casinos offer sound and animation, and all of them offer some pretty good graphics

The advantages of these kind of casinos is you don’t have to download the software in order to play the game. You can even use a public computer to do this. But these kind of games are slow and take times to load. The other benefit of this no download casino is that it is widely supported for every operating system and different machine configuration. Users using web-tv can also use this kind of casino games.

Download casinos

The second kind are those that require you to download a program (5-15 MB) to your hard drive and then install it on your computer. Once installed, these programs typically offer great graphics, sound and animation. They are generally more stable and secure, and once installed minimize communications between your computer and the casino game server. Such a software can be run only on a Windows-based platform and it’s ideal for dial-up connections.

The major player in this software’s are…

  • § MicroGaming
  • § Odds On
  • § PlayTech
  • § Wagerlogic (Cryptologic)

Usually casino sites have a “Preview” section that shows some snapshots of the games. It’s a really good idea to look at their appearance before you spend 30-90 minutes downloading software.

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