Australian And Asia Pacific Casino And Political News

Australian And Asia Pacific Casino And Political News

Australia remains home to some of the world’s most interesting and unique casino, gambling, poker and political news. We’ve got casino – movie news, political odds, pro and anti casino advocates, real life Underbelly and the continuation of the famed Aussie Casino Wars. Media Man and Lucky Nugget casino,continue to bring you the best down under.. Let’s go punters… Tiny Kangaroo Down Sport, Tiny Kangaroo Down…

Lucky Nugget Casino: Political Fun And Games…

The Advance Northwest Association has predicted strong Nationals vote losses at November’s state political poll should the party oppose the $400 million Mildura Jewel development. The new action group became the latest body to volcano its support behind developer John Haddad’s grand plan for a casino and entertainment centre in regional Mildura.

This follows the flagging of another unnamed mystery of sorts group, set to meet within hours, comprising casino supporters in the business community. Yep, we have pro casino types (not just haters). Advance Northwest spokesman Mark “No Bull” Bull pointed to polls undertaken by Sunraysia Daily and ABC’s Stateline program as evidence Mildura folk were largely in favour of a land based casino. Both polls found 70% of respondents in favour of the Jewel.

“Every major Australia city and tourism destination has one,” (No) Bull said.

“There is no reason why Mildura should miss out. Lucky Nugget casino says, “Let Mildura be wanton no longer. Given what they want. It will boost the economy, tourism, entertainment, lifestyle… the works. It can’t help but to bring in tourists and create jobs. It’s a no brainer”.


Aussie Regulator Considers Bets For Home Market!…

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is seriously considering a proposal to allow investors to bet on house prices on the stock exchange. No, this is not a hoax. The index would operate like any other index on the Australian Securities Exchange and would allow investors to bet against daily price fluctuations in house values. Mums and dads, banks, governments and hedge funds etc could all bet on indexes for the whole country, or individual capital cities, using futures contracts. The ASX says the index is still in development.

Leaks advise a house price index would allow people to protect themselves against falling house prices.

“The single biggest source of household and financial system risk is the housing market,” Mr X tells.

“There’s $3.5 trillion of housing in Australia and there’s no way to hedge or insure against house price falls.”

Investors who are anticipating house price falls currently short-sell Australia’s banks on the share market because, with 60% of their assets tied up in residential mortgages, they are the closest proxy (not IP proxy!) for house prices. Numerous prominent economists believe that Australian house prices are overvalued and set for a tumble. The Economist magazine’s measure of fair value of twenty housing markets found Australia‘s the most overvalued, by 61% Morgan Stanley strategist Gerard Minack says prices cannot continue their upward trend forever.

“We are sitting on a powder keg, unless you think we have banished the economic cycle. I think we have good policy makers, but they’re not that good. The next time we have a downturn, housing will be something that will exacerbate it quite severely.”

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